Innovation of Military and 5G Solution


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RFMorecom is RF &M/W specialist over 20 years history and design and develop
according to customer’s request. And it has three main solution:
First is passive components solution such as Filter/combiner/divider/coupler.
2nd is Active module such as Switch bank module/FEU module/UCU, etc.
3rd is RF system and Software such as RF repeater and NMS. SNMP with Remote control.
With these 3 solutions, RFMorecom can do strong and better technical support to customers
and offer better advanced and incomparable solution than any other competitors with
multi technical know-how and many experience from components to system level.

5G solution

RFMorecom has Ceramic waveguide SMD type filter solution for 5G massive MIMO smallcell under it’s own patent. And this new filter concept give very light and small and easy SMD for beam forming antenna application of 5G and LTE.

Massive MINO filter
(for beamforming antenna)

  • - Cermaic waveguide filter
  • - Low Insertion loss.
  • - SMD type(Smallest size)
  • - 30Watt power handling

And RFMorecom has mmWave filter solution with SWI filter technology with Teflon material, and also Cable and connector solution up to 80GHz.